Agra Food Tour

Agra Food Tour

4-5 Hours | Agra | By Walk
A walk through history in the streets of Agra.
Savour local street food as well as traditional food.
An ideal way to enjoy the local street food street food easily and safely.
Experience the Architecture, Culture & Food of Agra.

Agra Street Food Tour - Exclusive Local Food Walk

Duration : 1 Day

Highlight: Food Tasting Tour

Agra is a beautiful city located on banks of River Yamuna. Taj Mahal built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan is a like a jewel in the crown of Agra. People from all parts of the world come to see Taj Mahal which is breathtakingly beautiful. Besides tourist attractions such as Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Mehtab Bagh and Tomb of Itimad-ud Daulah, other thing which draws people to Agra is its delectable food. Mughlai cuisine which you get in Agra you will not get in any other part of the country. The Mughals left an indelible mark on the food story of Agra. Try the roasted meats, butter chicken, biryani, etc, The street food in Agra comprising of dishes such as pav bhaji, kachoris, aloo tikki, papdi chaat, jalebis, Dahi bhalla, etc will take you on a gastronomical journey of sorts. If you wish your taste buds to have a flavor of heavens you must try the hot and crispy jalebis.

Things to keep in mind in Agra Food Tour

The English speaking food guide will accompany you on Agra Food Tour. He or she will take you to different places in Agra which are known for their finger-licking delicacies.

Just make sure that you do not over-indulge or you might end up with a problem in your stomach.

Always carry your own bottled drinking water wherever you go.

Avoid drinking outside water.

Always eat from a reputed place lest you might be served food which is not fresh.

Never venture out anywhere without your tourist guide as you might end up making wrong food choices.

Always carry your napkin and hand sanitizer with you.

If you have any allergies, then avoid foods to which you are allergic.

Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian people can book Agra Food tour as per their need.

There are some centuries- old shops present in bazaars of Agra.

Try outstanding street food at Kinari Bazaar.

Do not forget to carry necessary medication so that you do not have any problem later on.

The Agra food tour is not just a simple food-tasting tour- it is an opportunity to bring you closer to culture and the real feel of Agra. In the food tour, you get an opportunity to converse and know recipes from the vendors. These recipes have come down a long way. Sitting on an eco-friendly rickshaw and moving from one place to other is a delightful experience. The food tour of Agra usually spans a period of three hours and 30 minutes. You must buy "Petha" which is an Indian dessert from the Panchhi Petha store. It is extremely tasty and you will get different flavors in it. In this food tour, you will be taken to Agra spice market where you get the best of spices. Buy local spices as this ensures that you will get the top-most quality fare.

So, go ahead embark on Agra food tour and enjoy different varieties of food which Agra has to offer.